Code Space

The web is no longer just a place for images and video but, thanks to WebGL and Three.js, can become a full-blown 3D metaverse. Even adding a little 3D to your website can make a big impact!

We’ll begin with a showcase of what is possible with 3D on the web. We’ll then learn how to build a 3D-enabled website from scratch; working with models, lights, cameras; playing with animation and interactivity; learning about materials; and integrating it into a website.



This course is for students with a bit of background in HTML/CSS and a little to no background in JavaScript. If you need a refresher, you can watch a recording of our web introduction course.

Next Steps

Get a recap of the basics in the official Three.js documentation.


To ensure enough room for every student, we ask that you reserve your spot in the workshop by registering.
Email if you want to change your reservation.